Find the Best Parents and Kids Cooking Classes St Louis

Cooking with your kids help them understand the value of food. And it also helps them appreciate all the hard work it takes to cooking their meals. Enrolling in kids cooking classes St Louis allows both you and your kids to bond. Cooking is a fun activity, and most of the chefs who teach these classes keep the recipes very basic. Enough to make the kids interested, without overwhelming them with too much facts.

“Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking. It’s about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity.”

Guy Fieri (American restaurateur, author, game show host, and an Emmy Award winning television personality)
Kids Cooking Classes St Louis


Kids Cooking Classes St Louis

  • Your kids learn about how to plan meals according to taste and time of day.
  • They read the recipes to understand how much work will go into making the dishes.
  • Check out all the ingredients needed for the dish.
  • Math from school comes in play here as they need to calculate for example what ½ tablespoon means.
  • Safety tips before starting to cook any food like washing your hands.
  • Right way to wash vegetables, fruits and grains.
  • Learn about the pots and pans needed to cook the food.
  • They learn about the different spices and herbs like cilantro.
  • Learn about the different ways to cut a vegetable or fruit.
  • How to pan fry, grille, boil or roast food.
  • Your kids learn about healthy ways to eat.
  • And also necessary portion control for oil and sugar.
  • Lastly, presentation is important for a delicious meal, and your kids learn how to create different shape vegetables for decorations using cookie cutters.

Kitchen Conservatory has a lot of cooking classes for kids and parents. Your kids need to be at least 7 years of age and one parent can accompany them in the kids cooking classes St Louis. For more information regarding the classes below, contact us.

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