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Garlic, Fresh Hard-neck (sold individually)
Sweet, juicy homegrown garlic, available in June, while supplies last. Garlic tastes best the moment it is harvested. Try garlic fresh -- it's a taste you've never had before! 2500 hard-neck garlic cloves were planted last fall in our Ladue, Missouri garden to satisfy (y)our love for this variety of garlic. Each head weighs about a quarter-pound.
Price: $2.50
Knife Sharpening - Straight Edge Knife
Have the sharpest knife in the drawer with our overnight knife sharpening service.  Drop off your knives at Kitchen Conservatory for expert sharpening and pick them up the next day, weekends included. Our wonderful knife sharpener can also repair broken or bent tips. Knives are sharpened on an electric water-cooled stone wheel to a 20-degree angle, unless otherwise requested.

Drop Off and Pick Up Service available for Local Customers only. Please wrap your knives safely in brown paper secured with a rubber band (no tape please) - paper grocery bags are great! Print FORM to include with knives. Curbside service available. Call us when you arrive and we will come out and get your knives and bring them out to you when you return for picking up knives.
Price: $3.00
A Passion for Cooking
For more than 20 years, Kitchen Conservatory has hosted a parade of talented chefs who have generously divulged the secrets of their craft. In honor of the anniversary, this cookbook offers the best of delicious restaurant dining in St. Louis with recipes from over 100 chefs. 192 pages.
Price: $20.00