Kitchen Sharpening Services

Kitchen Conservatory Knife Sharpening Services

Have the sharpest knife in the drawer with our overnight knife sharpening service.  Drop off your knives at Kitchen Conservatory for expert sharpening and pick them up the next day, weekends included. (Knives shipped to us for sharpening will be returned UPS ground, starting at $12.00 shipping fee, based on weight.) Our wonderful knife sharpener can also repair broken or bent tips. Knives are sharpened on an electric water-cooled stone wheel to a 20-degree angle, unless otherwise requested.

Knives (straight edge or serrated) $5.00 each

Scissors or Shears $5.00

Knife Repair Services

Knife Handle Repair/Replacement, including KA-BAR, are currently not available.

Have a well-loved -- yet well-worn -- knife that needs attention? We also offer handle repair (wood or plastic handles, please specify), starting at $50 per knife. We strongly recommend never putting any knife in the dishwasher; knives and handles will last longer when carefully hand washed. KA-BAR-style knife handle repair (with new leather washer rings) costs $90 per knife. Add $3 per knife for sharpening. (Knives shipped to us for repairs and/or sharpening will be returned UPS ground, starting at $12.00 shipping fee, based on weight.) Print form to send with knife.

Choose from oak, iron wood, or micarta for a new knife handle.
knife handles
Samples of New Handles:
laminated wood handle 1
laminated wood handle 2
micarta 1
micarta 2
KA-BAR-style knife handle repair:

I just wanted to let you know that you guys did such a great job my mom thought I bought her a new knife. I was totally blown away by the transformation and the excellent job your company has done. Thank you so very much for your great work! LOVE IT! Sincerely, Josette Rivera

I have just received back from you an old, carbon-steel knife that needed to be fitted with a new handle. I am delighted with every aspect of my contact with you. The young lady who took my order was pleasant and helpful. She told me how to send my knife, how to describe what I wanted done and what it would cost. The actual knife, returned to me yesterday, exceeded my expectations. The new handle is lovely and comfortable in the hand. The blade, long blackened, now gleams. More importantly, it is razor sharp. Your total price for this work was as estimated and, for the quality of the work, entirely reasonable. Thank you and bravo. -- Harry Davidow