Breakfast the Most Important Meal Cooking Classes St Louis area

Most people skip breakfast if we are honest. Grabbing a cup of coffee while dashing off to work is the norm. However breakfast is the most important meal according to doctors. So we should make big allowances to accommodate breakfast into our lives. While some say that there isn’t much variety in eating breakfast, unless you count cereal or bagel, others aren’t comfortable around the kitchen that early in the morning. For all those naysayers breakfast cooking classes St Louis area is a Godsend. Let’s look at some of the food dishes you can prepare for your next breakfast.

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”

John Gunther (American Journalist and Author)
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Joining Breakfast Cooking Classes St Louis Area


Omelettes are the easiest thing to make for breakfast, but it can get boring over time. To spice up your eggs, you can add different ingredients like capsicum, tomatoes, cheese, spinach, chives, caviar etc. You could also try breakfast eggs from a different country and make Zanzibari chipsi omelette or try out some Moroccan shakshuka.


No breakfast is complete without some form of bread. Bake some fresh bread, or try your hand at the exotic French croissants. There are even classes that offer up options for English breakfast treats like orange marmalade with scones and muffins.


Whether you like plain, blueberry, chocolate chip or banana, pancakes is a must have for everyone. You can whip the batter up beforehand and then add your flavorings later on. And if you want something fast, indulge in some waffles drowning in maple syrup. For people who want a savory version, potato pancakes with sautéed veggies and assorted chutneys always hits the spot.


Most of us know how to make coffee, but for a more exotic treat we head off to Starbucks. However you can learn to make these tasty drinks yourself. Learn about Espresso, Cappuccino, Turkish, Russian or Arabic coffee. And how about crossing over and trying some English Earl Grey tea. And if you are stating to be health conscious and want to cut down on caffeine, green tea or herbal chai is the best alternative.

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