4 Absolutely Must Try St Louis Cooking Classes for Couples

Cooking for your better half is an absolute turn on. But it is also a funny fact that most people have food delivered and then dish it out as their own. However if you join St Louis cooking classes for couples, you both can learn how to cook good food together. You also can get a cool grasp on using the knife correctly. And besides you will be among other couples, laughing, cooking and chatting. Most of the chefs that teach these classes have food on the menu that they know couples will enjoy. And best of all is that there is no cleaning up. Just sit back, enjoy good food, good conversation and glasses of delicious wine.v

“Fish, to taste right, must swim three times: in water, in butter and in wine.”

Polish proverb
St Louis Cooking Classes for Couples


St Louis Cooking Classes for Couples to Try

Bake your Cake and Eat it Too

Bite into some sweet chocolate cake, fudge, brownies, black forest or red velvet. Baking a cake is the best way for couples to start cooking together. Learn how to separate the eggs into whites and yolk, difference between baking powder and baking soda, why sifting flour is important and other similar expert advice. You even get to take home goodie bags filled with your creations. And once you have a handle on cakes, you can move on to French patisserie or how about macaroons.

Chinese for Two

If you are always ordering some Chinese food, why not join a class that teaches you how to cook up a delicious Chinese meal. There are probably more dishes than the average affair you get from the local restaurants. Learn which soya sauce goes with which dish, how to use the wok correctly and chopsticks can be loads of fun.

Fishing Exploration

You probably think fish doesn’t equal a romantic meal. However if the fish is prepared in the Thai style, it can become something unique to the taste buds. You can try cooking salmon, sushi, halibut, mackerel and what not. But why stop with fish, you can try your hand as mussels, oysters, lobster, crab and whelks. Every cuisine has its own style of cooking seafood. Try something new from the usually pasta and pizza cooking.

Kitchen Conservatory is proud to say we hold more than 850 cooking classes. Among them, you can try the very special New Orleans edition where you cook some delicious finger licking seafood. To book your place, just call us.