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Straw Cleaning Brushes - set of two
Item #: sip-br
Set of two 10 ¼ " long brushes made with flexible stainless steel wire and stiff bristle ends, to clean stainless steel straws and straw spoons. Dishwasher safe.
Price: $4.95
Straw Spoons - Stainless Steel set of 4
Item #: sip-spn
Set of 4 stainless steel straw spoons with colorful silicone bands, perfect for ice cream floats. 8.5 inches long, dishwasher safe.
Price: $14.95
Straws - Stainless Steel set of 4
Item #: sip-lg
Set of four stainless steel straws, 8.5 inches long. Dishwasher safe.
Price: $10.95
Trilogy Table Corkscrew with Foilcutter
Item #: GS200L-31
This corkscrew features a "double-helix" system which removes the cork from the bottle and pushes it back off of the screw effortlessly. Soft touch panels and handle ensure an easy grip. Box includes a foil cutter. Made by Screwpull.
Price: $46.00
Vacu Vin Wine Saver
Item #: 08542606

The Wine Saver is a vacuum pump, which extracts the air from an opened bottle and reseals it with a reusable rubber stopper. Place the reusable stopper in the bottle and extract the air from the bottle using the Wine Saver pump. A “click” sound tells you when you have reached the optimum vacuum level. The vacuum slows down the oxidation process which makes it possible to enjoy your wine again on a later date.

  • Preserves your wine after opening
  • Vacuum indicator: clicks when vacuum is reached
  • Not suitable for sparkling wines
Price: $9.95
Vacu Vin Wine Stoppers
Item #: 0884060
Two rubber stoppers for use with the Vacu-Vin or the Concerto pump, to preserve your wine after opening.
Price: $5.95
Zester/Stripper Black Handle
Item #: r25241
Classic zester cuts thin slivers of lemon, lime, and orange peel. Essential tool for stripping beautiful and flavorful citrus zest. Stainless steel zester with plastic handle. For right-handed users only.
Price: $6.95
Epicurean All-in-One Slate Gray Cutting Board with Juice Groove 10 x 7
Item #: 505-100702003
The Epicurean All-in-One cutting board is a thin and lightweight board featuring non-slip feet in the corners and a generous juice groove on one side. With a natural look and texture from an eco-friendly, paper composite, these boards are durable, nonporous, knife friendly, and dishwasher safe. The durable surface will not dull knives nor does it require oiling. Made in USA. 
Price: $19.95
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