Whetting your Appetite with these St Louis Kitchen Lessons

Cooking isn’t a skill everyone loves having. For most people it is a chore, the cutting, chopping, mixing, whisking, frying, grilling, the entire thing is exhausting. However it is also a known fact that people love to eat. The balance between cooking and eating often becomes confusing, depending on the individual. But there is a fantastic solution for all those people who hate cooking. St Louis kitchen lessons teaches you how to chop things fast, cook fast and best of all no clean up. In the end you get a stupendous meal out of the learning, often with delicious wine.

“The kitchen is the heart of every home, for the most part. It evokes memories of your family history.”

Debi Mazar (American Actress and Television Personality)
St Louis Kitchen Lessons


St Louis Kitchen Lessons

Knife Skills

Wield the knife like a ninja. Perhaps not in the first try at the knife however you can watch the expert chef show off their knife skills. You will learn how not to cry while cutting onions. A good example is that tomatoes need a sharp knife with a swift motion for clean slices.

Balancing Act with Flavors

Spices, condiments and herbs need the right balance to give the dish a wonderful flavor and aroma. Whether you are cooking pasta or a complicated shepherd’s pie, you will learn how the different ingredients with the spices and herbs complement one another.

Kitchen Conservatory has over 850 St Louis kitchen lessons that allow you to learn a wide variety of dishes. Get in touch to register your interest.

Pizza Throwing

If you want to have some fun, why not join a pizza throwing class. Learn how the experts make their world famous pizza base by showing you how to throw a perfect pie. Besides this some chefs also talk about the different ovens that work best with pizza. At the end of the kitchen lesson, you will also get to enjoy a slice of heaven of your own making.