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Potato Brush
Item #: 7500
Price: $2.95
Potato Ricer
Item #: SPUD
The best tool for making fluffy mashed potatoes. Also good for squeezing the excess water out of cooked spinach or salted zucchini. This plastic ricer has an extension to rest on a pot or bowl, and two interchangeable stainless steel plates for medium and coarse ricing.
Price: $15.95
Mini Masher - Lamson Sharp
Item #: 39566
This mini masher with stainless steel blades that are tapered and beveled is our favorite masher for making chunky mashed potatoes, mashing avocados for guacamole, mashing cooked legumes for refried beans, and mashing cooked apples for applesauce. Made in the USA.
Price: $29.95