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Cooking is a form of art like painting. Under the right hand, a simple dish can become a masterpiece of elegance and taste. You too can set hearts fluttering with your signature dishes. All you need is the willingness to learn and especially great chefs to ignite the curiosity within. Join the cooking classes in St Louis and allow yourself to explore and experience a world of culinary imagination.

“If you want to become a great chef, you have to work with great chefs. And that’s exactly what I did.”

Gordon Ramsay (British chef, restaurateur, and television personality)
cooking classes in st louis


Master Cooking Classes in St Louis

By Chopping

Holding the knife the right way and especially the wrong way can make a big difference. Chopping vegetables like onions becomes easier when you learn the right way to holding a knife. Not to mention the tip to prevent you from bawling your eyes out. You also learn the difference between slicing, dicing, cubing and finely chopping. And how this tiny difference in knife technique can completely change a dish in taste and look.

By Spicing

Adding too much of a good thing is bad. And this same thing rule applies to spices. Putting all the spices in one single dish could overwhelm the food. You need to learn which spices complement one another and how much to put. A dash of salt and a pinch of pepper might seem too little, but from an expert eye, it will give the perfect balance to the food.

By Cooking

Cooking classes in St Louis is the best way to keep your hands busy. Stirring, whisking, grilling, kneading, chopping – the endless things to do while simultaneously chatting, listening to the chef and cooking. Practice makes perfect as they say and to master the art of cooking, you will have to do tons of cooking. At the end of the class, you usually sit down to eat a nice meal, prepared to perfection just for you.

Bon Appetite with Kitchen Conservatory. Call us to register for our classes, pick up your groceries from the store or just drop by for a chat and also a little tasting.