Look out for these Great Couples Cooking Classes St Louis

When you think about going out together as a couple, cooking classes are usually the farthest thing on your mind.However couples cooking classes St Louis has a fair amount of fun activity that you can do together. Be it breaking some eggs or boiling pasta, cooking together under the watchful eye of experts is a thrill. And better still you are with other fellow couples, all joining in together to bake, boil, grill or cook a meal. The after party usually comes withamazing dinner and also wine to make the night special. Let’s look at some amazing cooking classes couples can enjoy.

“In cooking, as in all the arts, simplicity is the sign of perfection.”

Curnonsky (Prince of Gastronomy, celebrated writer on gastronomy in France in the 20th century)
couples cooking classes st louis


Tips for Couples Cooking Classes St Louis

Be Mine Valentine Classes

If you are planning a Valentine event and are stumped where and what to do, why not join a fun Valentine day class. You have tons of choices. In some classes you also get to learn to make chocolates, heart shaped cookies and also cakes. While others show you how to make origami cards and decorations as well as cook a romantic dinner for two.

Book one of these couples cooking classes St Louis that Kitchen Conservatory has for Valentine.

  • Valentine for Couples: To her, with Love
  • Valentine for Couples: Rack Stars
  • Sweet Valentine House
  • Valentine Cookie Cutter Couture
  • Valentine Cake Pops and More

Look but don’t Touch

You might not be in the mood to cook. All you want to do is sit back and watch. That’s where demonstration classes work great in the equation. Chefs prepare their signature dishes, while you watch and learn.

Book a demonstration with Kitchen Conservatory:

  • Croissants Butter Believe It
  • Girl’s Night Out: Seas the Day
  • Waiting for Gouda

Dancing in the Night

If you are in the mood to dance, but don’t want to go to some noisy club, why not join a cooking class instead. There is usually a one hour of activity like dancing before you start cooking. This way you build up an appetite for the delicious food you are about to prepare.

Put on your dancing shoes for these exclusive Kitchen Conservatory

  • Date Night For Couples: Big Band Swing Dine and Dance
  • Date Night For Couples: Salsa Salsa Dine and Dance