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Bamboo Corner Spatula Lefty 13 inches
Item #: 33-2019
Designed for left-handed cooks, this 13 inch corner spatula is made of bamboo. Made in China. Dishwasher safe.
Price: $4.95
Left-Handed Olive Wood Spatula
Item #: WZ58L
Price: $11.95
Rosle Left-Handed Swivel Peeler
Item #: 12734
The swivel blade is ideal for peeling vegetables and fruit with skins of medium thickness. The tip of the tool is sharpened on both sides and useful for quickly removing potato eyes or other blemishes. Intended for left-hand use and peeling movement towards the user. Blade exchangeable. Stainless steel, made by Rosle, dishwasher safe.
Price: $24.95
Fish Spatula/Chef's Slotted Turner - Left-Handed
Item #: 52865
The best fish spatula and chef's slotted turner for left-handers has tempered high-carbon stainless steel blades that are perfectly tapered, making it the best tool for many uses. It is designed to flip delicate foods. The turner is lightweight, and razor-thin, so it can flip eggs, fish, and crepes. It is also strong enough to lift heavier foods like hamburgers. The long slots allow excess grease to drain. Made by Lamson & Goodnow in the USA.
Price: $29.95
Pear Corer - Left-Handed
Item #: PCORL
Learn how to use the pear corer and why it is a great multi-use tool in a short Tool Time video from Kitchen Conservatory: Pear Corer video. This sharp tool for left-handers is designed to core pears: the wide loop cuts out the seeds in the bottom of the pear and the narrow loop cuts the string out of the neck of the pear. This cutter is also the best tool for hulling strawberries and removing the ribs and seeds from chile peppers and seeding zucchini and cucumbers. Not dishwasher safe. Made in USA.
Price: $6.95