Learn how to do Icing on the Cake Decorating Classes St Louis

Your first morsel of cake is a memorable event. Whether it was a birthday cake or a treat, most people get warm fuzzy feelings whenever cake is around. Baking the same delectable moist fudginess isn’t hard, once you understand the principal behind the baking. And the same can be said about the icing on the cake. Cake decorating classes St Louis are a great way to learn how to ice a cake like an expert, so that you too can dress up your plain Jane cakes into Cinderella like transformations.

“When you have a few cake formulas and filling ideas in your repertoire, you will find that it’s pretty much an assembly job – you can mix and match a different way every time.”

Julia Child (American chef, author and television personality)
cake decorating classes st louis


Learning Cake Decorating Classes St Louis

It’s all about the Butter

For any type of frosting, the main ingredients are sugar and butter. The right temperature butter makes all the difference to your icing. If the butter is hard, you will end up with a lumpy frosting. And if you use salted butter with vanilla, it takes the butter cream frosting to another delicious level.

Bagging the Frost

You can buy different types of frosting bags. And also create the icing bags yourself using different nozzles to create patterns like stars or flowers and leaves. You will also learn how to bag the frost the right way, so that you can get a continuous flow of icing while decorating.

Ice away

Before you start decorating, you do need to know a few things. A dash of vanilla and butter gives the icing a light yellow tinge. If you need white icing use shortening or clear flavorings. Powder colors gives a more deeper color, so you need to be careful. Also don’t ice a freshly baked cake. Instead cool the cake and leave the icing at room temperature.

Practice in cake decoration classes St Louis to learn all the different tips and tricks. Catch up on your icing by joining Kitchen Conservatory. Our bakers and expert decorators will show you how to create a masterpiece for your next cake bake. Call us to find out the schedule for the next class.