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The Kinderkitchen® kitchen utensils have been tested by children and are fun to help out in the kitchen. Support your children's natural curiosity and discover the colorful world of food and food preparation together. Through their own experience, your offspring will learn in a playful way where and how food is made and how easy it is to prepare food. In addition, by cooking together, they strengthen their awareness of healthy eating.
  • The duck shears cut herbs and vegetables.
  • The unserrated dog knife cuts fruit and spreads peanut butter on bread
  • The serrated dog knife cuts soft-skinned fruit and vegetables.
  • child friendly
  • Japanese stainless steel.
  • The duckbill for the scissors covers the blades for safe storage
  • The hand protection in the form of dog ears protects the hands
  • Warning: Use product only under adult supervision.


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