Sugarfire Smoke House St. Louie Sweet Barbecue Sauce

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Sugarfire Smoke House is the brain child of Saint Louis' own chef Mike Johnson and Carolyn Downs. From their slow, smoked brisket to Memphis-style ribs and grass-fed burgers, Sugarfire Smoke House has tantalized the taste buds of barbecue aficianodos both near and far. Now you can bring this unique flavor home with Sugarfire Smoke House's expertly crafted St. Louie barbecue sauce. The next time you fire up your grill, add a touch of sweetness and a kick of fire with Sugarfire Smoke House barbecue sauce! Ingredients: high fructose corn syrup, water, tomato paste, distilled vinegar, food starch - modified, salt, molasses, worcestershire sauce, pineapple juice concentrate, natural smoke flavor, spices, caramel color and sodium benzoate (to preserve freshness). 18.5 ounces