How to Taste the World with Hands on Cooking Lessons St Louis

Cooking is often a chore for most households. The thought of drudging up another meal is scary. However cooking lessons St Louis opens up a whole new world. Understanding cuisine and technical skills banishes any dreadful thought on cooking. Hands on cooking lessons are the best way to learn. You are in the middle of everything, overseen by experts who impart their years of experience. Let’s look at how you too can taste the world with your own cooking.

“Once you understand the foundations of cooking – whatever kind you like, whether it’s French or Italian or Japanese – you really don’t need a cookbook anymore.”

Thomas Keller (American chef, restaurateur, and cookbook writer)
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Cooking Lessons St Louis – the Hands on Experience

Roll out Sushi

If you love sushi, you must learn how to roll out sushi, Japanese cuisine that is not only healthy to eat, but exotically delicious. In principle sushi is nothing more than rolled up ingredients. However when you start making sushi, you learn how unbelievable frustrating it is to make the rolls. That is unless you are under the patronage of expert sushi chefs who will show you how to make the sushi rolls easily. You will also experiment with different ingredients to create your very own tootsie sushi roll.

Shape the Pasta

Fresh homemade pasta isn’t easy to come by. You only find this in fine dining expensive restaurant. However with cooking lessons St Louis, you can learn to make all types of pasta by hand. The secret is in the dough and how pliable you can make it. Some chefs also show you how to use a pasta roller to create sheets of thin pasta that you can then shape.

Dip the Bread

Another hands on cooking lessons you should try is the art of making bread. Simple ingredients like flour, yeast and water turn into assorted bread. You learn the difference between bleached flour, white flour and wheat flour. And also can taste bread from all over the world in some cooking lessons, like brioche or focaccia or even the classic tandoor roti from India.

Kitchen Conservatory is located in St Louis and offers cooking lessons for a wide variety of dishes. All the lessons are taught by expert chefs who love to teach you their unique way to cook. For a complete list of our cooking classes, contact us.