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Espresso Powder
Item #: 0302
Espresso powder is a deeply-flavored instant coffee and a wonderful ingredient to add to chocolate or mocha desserts. To use, stir the powder into hot water and dissolve. Package contains 2 ounces. Ingredients: dried espresso powder.
Price: $4.95
Chicago Coffee Seattle Blend 11 ounces
Item #: coffee
Roasted by Chicago Coffee Roastery, the Seattle Blend is the coffee served at Kitchen Conservatory. 11-ounce bag of whole beans.
Price: $11.95
Chicago Coffee Seattle Blend Decaf 11 ounces
Item #: decaf
Roasted by Chicago Coffee Roastery, the Seattle Blend Decaf is the decaf coffee served at Kitchen Conservatory. 11-ounce bag of whole beans.
Price: $11.95
Stringbean Coffee - Guatemala Cafe Femenino
Item #: SB Guatemala
Guatemala is a Fair Trade Certified™ single origin organic coffee bean that bright acidity and makes for a good cup of coffee. The Guatemala also supports Cafe Femenino, a woman owned co-op. This roast is a lighter roast with a lemon grass tasting note. Net weight 12 ounce. Light roast.
Price: $12.00
Stringbean Coffee - Disco Inferno
Item #: SB Disco
Disco Inferno is a darker roast espresso blend with a clean citrusy finish that has pleasing layers in your mug. This Soul Train Disco Ball inspired coffee also works well as a press or drip. One mug of this and you’ll get your groove on and boogie through the day! Net weight 12 ounce. Dark roast.
Price: $12.00
Stringbean Coffee - Peru Cafe Femenino
Item #: SB Peru

Peru Cafe Femenino is a Fair Trade Certified™  coffee and also benefits the Cafe Femenino Foundation efforts.

Out of Peru comes a story of strength, unity and hope. Peru Café Femenino, is changing the role of women in rural coffee communities. Female coffee growers have become better educated, organized, and for the first time are producing women's coffee as a specialty commodity. This Fair Trade and organic certified coffee is grown, processed and traded exclusively by women. The women then decide how to use the additional funds to better their lives and those of their children.

This medium roast coffee is very smooth and we get a molasses like sweetness. Net weight 12 Oz.

Price: $12.00
Stringbean Coffee - Brazilian Estate
Item #: SB Brazil
Brazilian Estate is a medium roast, is rich and creamy with a wonderfully big crema as espresso. Estate coffee is single farm origin, with one operator controlling all phases of production and maintaining quality. This coffee is Rain Forest Alliance certified. Net weight 12 ounce. Medium roast.
Price: $12.00
Stringbean Coffee - Ethiopian True Blue
Item #: SB Ethiopian
Ethiopian True Blue is a lighter roast that has a fruity aroma, an earthy start with both a blueberry finish (more like blueberry pie as espresso). This natural processed coffee has a bright acidity level. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and grows in the forests of the Kaffa region. 12 ounce bag. Lighter roast.
Price: $12.00
Stringbean Coffee - Malawi Peaberry
Item #: SB Malawi
Malawi Peaberry is a darker roast with raisin and fig notes. This has a full body and works very well as espresso and Moka Pot stove top espressos. The Peaberry is a small, fully rounded bean that has a bit more intensity over the regular coffee bean, the aroma is amazing. Peaberry's are highly sought after and account for less than 5% of coffee. Stringbeans Malawi Peaberry is like a full blown symphony in your mug. Net weight 12 ounce. Darker roast.
Price: $12.00
Stringbean Coffee - Decaf
Item #: SB Decaf
Our Decaf is SWISS WATER® Process and Fair Trade Certified™ coffee without the caffeine buzz or chemicals and tastes like, well…really good coffee! Decaf is clean, smooth and has a nice body, the roast is medium AND you can even pull a nice espresso shot. Oh, and the beans are organic too. Net weight 12 ounce. Medium roast.
Price: $12.00