Dig into Some Wholesome Healthy Cooking Classes St Louis

So you have finally decided that this year you will live healthy. Well you can’t do that if you don’t cook and especially eat healthy meals. Our body always craves food for nourishment and it is our responsibility to feed it good whole some food. Joining some healthy cooking classes St Louis will give you a wider perspective of the food that is good for you. HINT: It isn’t always about eating raw vegetables only, although that is a part of the process to becoming healthy and happy.

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”

Julia Child (American Chef, Author and Television personality)
healthy cooking classes st Louis


Healthy Cooking Classes St Louis

The Way we Cook

Everyone has their own style to cooking. However the chefs teaching healthy cooking classes St Louis will give you an alternative way to cook your food. Forget frying, and start grilling, broiling, boiling and roasting your food. The same delicious food cooked in a different way to preserve your health and also the heart.

The Oil we Take

Oil has always been made a villain in our life. However the chefs can tell you which oils are healthy. And more importantly what type of dishes you can prepare that needs little to no oil. You just need to decided which class you want to join, where you get to cook the food, or where you just watch as the chef cooks while teaching.

The Sugar we Eat

We are bombarded by sugary treats. Even ketchup has minute traces of sugar in it. By taking a healthy class, you will learn great alternatives to sugar. Honey, apple sauce, raisins, figs and especially prunes can all be used to make delicious desserts including cakes and cookies.

Try these healthy cooking classes St Louis from Kitchen Conservatory:

  • Whole 30 Healthy Eating
  • Plan(t)s for the New Year
  • Light. Lean. Green. Tofu’d

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