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Auto Safety Lid Lifter Can Opener - Black
Item #: 2240
This auto safety lid lifter can opener automatically attaches to a can, and leaves no sharp edges.
Price: $16.95
Bottle Opener
Item #: 2204
Price: $6.95
Bottle Pourer
Item #: 2638
Price: $2.95
Bottle Pourer set of 2
Item #: 05508
Price: $4.95
Bottle Stopper
Item #: 20720
Price: $2.25
Can Opener safe edge
Item #: 20363
Price: $19.95
Can Opener Swing-a-way
Item #: 709bk
Price: $11.95
Clipeez 3/1
Item #: 61358
Price: $5.95
Clipeez small
Item #: 61057
Price: $1.25
Item #: 70712pro
World's easiest jar opener! One easy lift pops the vacuum so lid spins free. Lid stays undamaged and re-sealable. No twisting, no straining!
Price: $4.95
Lid Lifter
Item #: 43605
The plastic wand features a magnetic head for safely and easily lifting the hot lids out of the water and placing on the jars.
Price: $2.95
Rosle Can Opener
Item #: 12751
Learn how we use the Rosle can opener in a short Tool Time video from Kitchen Conservatory: Rosle can opener video. The very best can opener ever devised! The cutting wheel of the can opener runs smoothly and safely along the can rim without contact to the contents. Cutting along the side permits easy lifting of the top for re-use as a lid. The cut tin edge is blunt and smooth. Slim design is perfect for storage.
Price: $38.95
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