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Bottle Opener
Item #: 2204
Price: $6.95
Can Opener Swing-a-way
Item #: 709bk
Price: $11.95
Item #: 70712pro
World's easiest jar opener! One easy lift pops the vacuum so lid spins free. Lid stays undamaged and re-sealable. No twisting, no straining!
Price: $5.95
Safety Lid Lifter
Item #: 2242
Price: $17.95
Screwy Lewy Rubber Jar Opener
Item #: 7036
Price: $2.50
Bottle Pourer with Flip Lid
Item #: 5515.
Small spout pourer with flip lid is perfect for vinegar. Chrome finish with plastic insert.
Price: $7.95
Jar Vise Opener
Item #: JV-1
Quickly and easily open jars with the jar vise that can be mounted on or under cabinets. Fits screw tops from 1 inch to 4 inches.
Price: $9.95