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Apple Corer Small
Item #: r25441
This apple corer with a 5/8" diameter is perfect for smaller apples! The length is 7-3/4". Made in France by Deglon.
Price: $16.95
Apple Peeling Machine
Item #: 43208
Quickly peels, cores and slices apples with ease. Makes short work of any apple project. Learn how we use the apple machine in a short Tool Time video from Kitchen Conservatory: Apple Machine video.
Price: $29.95
Apple Corer/Slicer - Adjustable Dial-A-Slice
Item #: 8749
Adjustable apple corer and slicer cuts apple into either 8 thick wedges or 16 thin wedges with stainless steel blades.
Price: $23.95
Apple Corer
Item #: 12530
Easily core apples or pears with this apple corer, allowing a quick and easy release to dispose of core. Stainless steel, dishwasher safe.
Price: $19.95
Apple/Tomato Slicer/Corer
Item #: 13590
Apple and tomato slicer/corer can cut tomatoes into 12 juicy and sizeable chunks. The automatic cutting guide makes this as easy as pie. Simply place the tomato on the cutting base and center the cutter on the core and press downwards. The uniquely ridged stainless steel blades and the shape of the knives make cutting almost effortless. The juice is collected in the cutting base. Great for apples, tomatoes, and pears.
Price: $29.95