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14" Wok Spatula - Silicone
Item #: 97139
  • Helen's Asian Kitchen Silicone Wok Tool for stirring, mixing, dividing, tasting, turning, and serving foods
  • Made from FDA-approved, non-stick silicone; heat safe to 550-degrees Fahrenheit; long handle keeps hands safe from heat; measures 14-inches
  • Gently curved end hugs the rounded sides of woks and stir fry pans perfectly; lightweight, strong, and naturally non-stick for quick release of food
  • Safe for use on nonstick cookware and metal pots and pans; won't scratch non-stick cookware or remove seasoned surfaces from steel woks
  • Sturdy and durable; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
Price: $9.95
All-Clad Flexible Slotted Turner
Item #: t198
All-Clad flexible slotted stainless steel turner. Dishwasher safe.
Price: $24.00
All-Clad Small Turner
Item #: T106
Stainless steel, dishwasher safe.
Price: $24.00
Cuisinart Solid Turner
Item #: CTG-08-SST
Hollow-handled and perfectly balanced, this turner is just as comfortable and useful in the kitchen as it is elegant for tableside serving. Made from durable stainless steel. Dishwasher Safe.
Price: $9.95
Fiberglass Turner/Spatula
Item #: 7112302
With the addition of fiberglass, this spatula/turner is stronger and more heat-resistant than traditional nylon tools. This spatula is designed to comfortably lift and turn smaller portioned food with ease. Constructed with 13% added fiberglass to increase durability. Won't crack, twist or bend. Heat-resistant to 480°F/250°C. Safe for non-stick cookware. Non-slip tip prevents utensils from sliding into pots. Ergonomic handle. Dishwasher safe. Made by Cuisipro.
Price: $9.95
Fish Spatula by Matfer Bourgeat
Item #: 072045
Stainless steel fish spatula with a comfortable polypropylene handle is 6-3/4" long and easily turns your fish without damaging it. Dishwasher safe.
Price: $29.95
Fish Spatula/Chef's Slotted Turner - Right-Handed
Item #: 39577
The best fish spatula and chef's slotted turner for right-handers has tempered high-carbon stainless steel blades that are perfectly tapered, making it the best tool for many uses. It is designed to flip delicate foods. The turner is lightweight, and razor-thin, so it can flip eggs, fish, and crepes. It is also strong enough to lift heavier foods like hamburgers. The long slots allow excess grease to drain. Made by Lamson & Goodnow in the USA.
Price: $29.95
Flexible Spatula/Turner
Item #: Lss-2
Super-thin and flexible turner is the best spatula for delicate cookies. Stainless steel, dishwasher safe.
Price: $5.95
Flexible Spatula/Turner Black
Item #: FLX-BK2
Flexible turner has a black nylon coating that is safe to 400 degrees F. Stainless handle.
Price: $5.95
High Heat Spatula Extra-Large
Item #: 1964
Durable spatula is heat resistant to 500 degrees F. Made by Rubbermaid. Dishwasher safe.
Price: $22.95
Jumbo Flexible Spatula
Item #: Jls-2
This thin, wide, very flexible spatula is fabulous for moving cookies to and from cookie sheets. Made of stainless steel, dishwasher safe.
Price: $7.95
Jumbo Flexible Spatula Black
Item #: Jflx-bk
Price: $7.95
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