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Smoked Sea Salt Maldon
Item #: 141064
Maldon Salt is one of the best-recognized brands of sea salt. Its soft, white, flaky crystals are completely natural, without artificial additives, giving Maldon Sea Salt a distinctive texture and salty flavor that sets it apart from other salts. Maldon Salt is a gourmet chef's favorite. This smoked sea salt was created using mainly oak and a special blend of hardwoods from sustainable sources.
Price: $8.50
Twilight Salt Pig by Emily Henry
Item #: 02.01.55
An original tool to keep on your countertop, the Emile Henry Salt Pig allows you to always be in an arm’s reach of salt when you’re cooking.  Its non-glazed interior prevents your sea salt from sticking together. The wide opening accommodates even the largest of hands, and the slightly arched hood helps keep your salt free of food debris while cooking. The simple, yet classic shape of this piece is further emphasized by the vibrant colors and deep hues of the glazes.  Made in France by Emile Henry. 11 ounces, 4" tall.
Price: $39.95
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