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Pizza Stone Round
Item #: 4461
This durable, heavy pizza stone has a 16-inch diameter and is made of pure ceramic fired at over 2000 degrees F. Recipe book and instructions included. Made in USA.
Price: $69.95
Rosle Pizza Cutter
Item #: 12718
The pizza cutter with its large, firmly anchored wheel guarantees neat slicing of pizza, thick or thin without damaging the topping. Stainless steel, made by Rosle, dishwasher safe.
Price: $24.95
Small Pizza Dough Roller
Item #: 5516
Easy to handle, this wooden pizza roller can push and flatten the dough in small spaces, such as rolling out the dough in the pizza pan. The roller features two sizes of rollers: 4.25 inches and 2.5 inches long. Overall length is 6.5 inches.
Price: $5.95
Rosle Pizza Wheel
Item #: 12717
The Rosle pizza wheel is perfect for cutting pizza, flat bread, pastry dough, with a free running roller blade and ergonomic handle. Disassembles for easy cleaning. Measures 13.8-inch in length and 5-1/2-inch in width. Stainless steel, made by Rosle. Dishwasher safe.
Price: $38.00
Pastry Dough Docker
Item #: 1357
Learn how to use the dough docker on pizza dough for a cracker-crisp crust in a short Tool Time video from Kitchen Conservatory: Dough Docker video. The dough docker is an essential pastry tool. Roll the docker over puff pastry, pie doughs, or pizza doughs so that they do not puff up in the oven. Made of high-impact plastic.
Price: $9.95
Parchment Paper Loose Sheets
Item #: 5108s
Ten loose sheets of commercial grade parchment paper. Each sheet is 16 by 24 inches. Cut each sheet in half to fit standard half-sheet pans.
Price: $1.95
Spoodle - 6 ounces
Item #: 10X3846
Stainless steel round solid bowl ladle with a rounded flat bottom and an ergonomic black plastic handle. It is a spoon and ladle all in one, and a much desired tool for adding sauce to homemade pizza and spreading it evenly on the pizza dough.
Price: $17.95
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