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Wood Chunks - Maple
Item #: SR8149
Enjoy the aromatic flavors of maple thanks to our wood smoking and grilling chips. Easy to use all natural wood smoking chips impart their own unique flavor to all your outdoor cooking. Soak the chips in water or beer for 30 minutes, then drain and add to the fire.
Price: $8.95
Rib Rack Space Saver
Item #: cc3011
The non-stick rib rack has five slots with a pig shaped front, saving space on the grill. The rack folds for convenient storage. Dimensions: 10.75″ x 7″.
Price: $12.95
Corn Grilling Basket
Item #: sr8166
There's no better way to cook corn on the cob other than grilling. The high dry heat of the fire intensifies the natural sweetness, giving you complex smoky caramel flavors you never knew corn could possess. The task just got a lot easier with the Charcoal Companion and grilling authority Steven Raichlen stainless steel corn basket. Great on a conventional grill and for grilling over a campfire. Just remember to strip off the husk before grilling your corn. The patented stainless steel corn basket with TPR handle features height adjustments to fit any corn thickness and open sides to fit corn of any length. No need for trimming means less corn wasted. One rack holds four ears of corn.
Price: $14.95
17" Flat Skewers - Stainless Steel, set of 6
Item #: sr8025
These flat, sturdy extra wide skewers look and cook even better. Chunks of beef or pork, fish, even wet vegetables, like tomatoes and mushrooms won't slip or spin as they do on conventional skewers. Turn these skewers without worrying about losing food. And unlike ordinary skewers, these all-metal handles won't burn. Each skewer measures 3/8 inch wide by 17 inches long. Hand wash will extend the skewers’ life but may also be cleaned safely in a dishwasher. Please note: Skewers get hot - use caution when handling. Travel the world’s barbecue trail and you’ll find succulent chunks of beef, lamb, chicken, fish and vegetable kabobs skewered on broad, flat ribbons of steel and sizzling away over the fire. Grilling authority, Steven Raichlen, host of the popular cooking series Barbecue University and author of the best-selling Barbecue Bible cookbook series, partnered with The Companion Group to create a fabulous line of innovative, versatile barbecue products including this set of skewers.
Price: $14.95
Mesh Scrubber Stainless Steel Grill Brush
Item #: 76227
This dual padded scrubber is non-clogging, non-abrasive and safe with all grill types, including porcelain. The woven mesh heads are replaceable and can be used to steam clean your grill surface when dipped in water before using. Not dishwasher safe.
Price: $13.95
12" Natural Bamboo Extra Wide Flat Skewers
Item #: sr8080
12" natural bamboo extra wide flat skewers have a sharp point for easy food piercing and a flat shape so food won't slip or spin when you turn the skewer. Set of 25.
Price: $6.95
Barbecue Grill Gloves - Suede - Extra Long
Item #: sr8038
Pair of heavy duty suede grilling gloves that are soft and pliable for an easy grasp, but long enough to protect your whole arm and hand from the heat. 17.5 inches. Recommended by Cook's Illustrated.
Price: $29.95
Trapezoid Grill Brush
Item #: 76187
Trapezoid grill brush allows for easy cleaning between each individual grill bar. The only grill brush capable of reaching the back, sides, and corners of the grill top. Smooth finish handle, brass bristles. Made by Outset.
Price: $11.50
Barbecue Silicone Sop Mop with Rosewood Handle
Item #: QB68
Barbecue silicone sop mop with rosewood handle and removable silicone bristles. Removable silicone bristles are heat resistant to 500 degrees, stain resistant and dishwasher safe.
Price: $13.50
Grill Brush with Rosewood Handle
Item #: QB49
Three sided grill brush cleans between grill grates and tough to reach places. Long, angled handle provides added strength. Durable brass bristles will not scratch porcelain enamel. Made by Outset.
Price: $12.50
Himalayan Salt Cone with Holder
Item #: cc6068
Cook your chicken from the inside out, while flavoring it with the rich taste of Himalayan salt! This cone and holder set harnesses the cooking power of solid salt: by preheating your cone and then placing your chicken over it, the heat retained by the cone will help to cook your chicken, all while imparting a subtle, salty flavor. Whether on the grill or in the oven, your chicken will cook faster than with a traditional rack. Himalayan salt is rich in trace minerals, which adds to the depth of flavor your foods will achieve when cooked on the cone. It also uses less salt than when using ground table salt. Himalayan salt cones have naturally low moisture contents, which allow them to be heated to extreme temperatures and to retain that heat for a long time. Holder is stainless steel.
Price: $17.99
Le Creuset Basting Brush - Flame
Item #: js430-2
Le Creuset Revolution basting brush has conical bristles work like a real bristle brush, holding liquids at the top and releasing them slowly to the tip with grip rings for comfortable control and quick orientation in the grip. Elliptical shape handle increases control and offers a secure grip. Premium quality silicone head is heat-resistant up to 482ºF, stain-resistant, non-abrasive and easily removable for dishwasher cleaning. Resistant to odor and flavor absorption, and the wood handle washes easily by hand. 11 ½” long by 2 ¾” wide.
Price: $11.95
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