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12" Wood Skewers
Item #: 2246
Package of 100 thin, round, wooden skewers, 12 inches long.
Price: $2.50
6" Wood Skewers
Item #: 2243.
Package of 100 thin, round, wooden skewers, each 6 inches long.
Price: $1.75
Bamboo Skewers - wide
Item #: CC5005
Flat bamboo skewers do not roll around on the grill. Package of 25 skewers.
Price: $5.95
Barbecue 3-in-1 Claw Turner Tongs
Item #: QV57
This claw tong includes a locking mechanism so you can grip, flip & poke food with ease. Made of 100% sustainable materials, including recycled stainless-steel & farm-raised bamboo handles. 19 inches long.
Price: $18.95
Barbecue Basting Brush Replacement Bristles
Item #: AB66
Be prepared for any grilling situation with this replacement head for the QB66 Rosewood Basting Brush. With a quick twist you’ll be back to basting glazes, sauces and marinades in no time. When finished, simply twist off the head for quick and easy clean up.
Price: $5.95
Barbecue Basting Brush with Rosewood Handle
Item #: QB66
With a simple sweep of this basting brush glazes, sauces and marinades transform basic fare to choice chow. When finished, simply twist off the head for quick and easy clean up. Replacement bristles are available.
Price: $9.95
Barbecue Basting Brush with Rosewood Handle
Item #: QB41
Flat basting brush with stainless steel construction and rosewood handle.
Price: $12.95
Barbecue Chimney Grill Starter
Item #: Q110
For the all-natural barbecue, let the flavors of smoky charcoal marinate your faire, not lighter fluid. With a 5 pound capacity, this heavy-duty grill starter is safe and effective. A rosewood handle and heat shield protect your hands from the heat.
Price: $16.95
Barbecue Fish Spatula with Rosewood Handle
Item #: QB59
This practical and dependable fish spatula with a slotted extra wide face works gracefully flipping fish and longer cuts of meat by supporting the whole piece. Stainless steel with a rosewood handle.
Price: $13.50
Barbecue Fork - Stainless Steel
Item #: QT30
This seamless grilling fork’s streamlined form is reflective of its design-forward simplicity, with stainless-steel construction, it is lightweight, yet heavy duty and durable.
Price: $14.95
Barbecue Fork with Rosewood Handle
Item #: QB30
The barbecue fork with an ergonomic rosewood handle provides optimal comfort and control while the stainless-steel construction harnesses impeccable durability.
Price: $12.50
Barbecue Grill Basket Flex with Rosewood Handle
Item #: QC73
Grill the thickest and the thinnest of foods with this ultra stretchy, unique, oversized grilling basket that has a spring-like design. The chrome basket flexes and molds to hold food securely in place. Perfect for grilling fish, corn, fillets, chops, and other delicate fruits, vegetables and breads. Flex basket is heavy-gauge chromed steel, 13 inches by 10 inches with a locking mechanism and rosewood handle.
Price: $28.95
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