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Baking Paper Liners - Petit-Four Size in Gold Foil
Item #: 6954
These small liners are perfect for holding candies, truffles, or petits-fours. Diameter across the bottom of the baking cup is 1 inch and the sides are 3/4-inch tall. Package contains 48 tiny petit-four cups in gold foil.
Price: $2.25
Baking Paper Liners - Red Gingham
Item #: 6919
Package of 50 cupcake or muffin liners.
Price: $2.95
Cupcake Box Cupcake Heaven for 4 - 3 boxes
Item #: 415-1206
Darling cupcake box holds 4 cupcakes. Package of 3. Made by Wilton.
Price: $5.95
Cupcake Box Cupcake Heaven for 6 - 2 boxes
Item #: 415-1207
Darling cupcake box holds six cupcakes. Package of 2. Made by Wilton.
Price: $5.95
Cupcake Box Silver for 4 - Set of 3
Item #: 415-1359
Set of three silver window boxes are the perfect way to hold and display your cupcakes! Each box includes an insert with recessed space to hold 4 standard-sized cupcakes safely in place. Easy folding assembly; great for gifts and favors!
Price: $6.95
Cupcake Corer
Item #: 747166
To use the cupcake corer, start with a cool cupcake and twist corer into the center of cupcake. Extract corer and push plunger to remove core, leaving a perfect hole in the center of cupcake for filling with frosting, jam, mousse, or any choice of filling. Made by Cuisipro.
Price: $5.95
Giant Muffin Pan
Item #: 16669
Bake 6 extra-large muffins (3 1/2-inch wide at the top by 2-inch deep) in this nonstick aluminized steel pan made by Chicago Metallic. Not dishwasher safe.
Price: $20.95
3-in-1 Cake/Cupcake Holder
Item #: 2105-9958
This 3-in-1 plastic holder is great for transporting cakes. Holds 12 regular-sized cupcakes or 24 mini-cupcakes or a sheet cake.
Price: $21.95
Maple Leaf Muffin Pan
Item #: 56548
Pan makes 6 beautiful maple leaf-shaped muffins. Each leaf is 2 1/4" wide by 1 1/4" deep. The perfect pan for maple-flavored cakes!
Price: $28.95
Mini Cheesecake Pan - Nonstick - 12 Cheesecakes
Item #: 3919.
Make 12 perfect individual cheesecakes with this Mini Nonstick Cheesecake Pan. Each cup has a 2 inch diameter and 1.75 inches deep and has removable bottoms. Not dishwasher safe. Comes with a recipe.
Price: $29.95
Mini Cheesecake Pan with 12 Cups
Item #: 77122
Lift and serve pan makes 12 individual cheesecakes. Each cup has a 2-inch diameter and 1.5-inches deep with a removable bottom. Made of aluminized steel by Chicago Metallic. Not dishwasher safe. Cheesecake recipe included.
Price: $20.95
Mini Muffin Nonstick with 24 Cups
Item #: 59024
Make 24 mini-muffins in this nonstick finish on aluminized steel pan. Diameter across the top is 2 1/8-inches and 3/4-inches deep. Made by Chicago Metallic. Not dishwasher safe.
Price: $21.95
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