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Amarena Cherries in Syrup with Decorated Jar
Item #: sfs-105
These luscious dark red, tart cherries are from the Emilia-Romagna province. Lovingly packaged swimming in a rich syrup made from their own juices, they are fantastic spooned over ice cream or sponge cake, but you might catch yourself eating them straight from their glass jar! Ingredients: sugar, amarena wild cherries, glucose syrup, amarena wild cherry juice, fruit juice for color, vegetable juice for color, natural flavors. Product of Italy. 8.1 ounces.
Price: $15.95
Cacao Crudo Organic Almond Spread
Item #: CHC-232
Daniele dell’Orco hand processes just two ingredients to make this incredibly smooth but rich pastry-quality spread:  raw Sicilian almonds and coconut flower sap. Crafted to purely express the unique flavor of Sicilian almonds, it strikes an ideal balance between sweet and bitter. A delicious and healthy way to enjoy something sweet. Try drizzled over apples, layer in cakes, serve with morning pastries or enjoy a spoonful on its own! 7 ounce jar.
Price: $13.95
Cacao Crudo Organic Hazelnut Spread
Item #: CHC-231
Daniele dell’Orco of Cacao Crudo hand blends into a creamy richness:  65% raw Tonda Gentile Hazelnuts from Piedmont and single origin Peruvian cacao with a touch of coconut flower sap. This layered flavor elevates cakes, toast, pastries, and even coffee drink. So versatile it can even be used for mole dishes and on cheese plates. 7 ounce jar.
Price: $13.95
Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread
Item #: CHC-213
Extra Dark Chocolate (75%) spreadable gianduia cream with PGI Piedmont hazelnuts and olive oil. Spread the smooth and creamy treat over fruit, pastries, or any favorite dessert. Don't hesitate to enjoy a spoonful on its own. Does not contain any hydrogenated fats or palm oil. 8.8 ounce jar by Venchi.
Price: $13.95
Dijon Mustard - Whole Grain by Temeraire
Item #: 4877132
Whole grain dijon mustard. 7 ounces. Product of France.

Ingredients: Water, Mustard Seeds, Vinegar, Salt, Natural Flavors, Turmeric.
Gluten Free. No preservatives.
Price: $7.95
Dijon Mustard by Temeraire
Item #: 4877124
Traditional dijon mustard. 7 ounces. Product of France.

Ingredients: Water, Mustard Seeds, Vinegar, Salt.
Gluten Free. No preservatives.
Price: $10.95
Hot Green Pepper Sauce by Ozark Forest Mushrooms
Item #: 13215
Ingredients: Hot green peppers, vinegar, salt. 5 ounces. Made in Timber, MO.
Price: $8.95
Hot Red Pepper Sauce by Ozark Forest Mushrooms
Item #: 13214
Ingredients: hot red peppers, vinegar, salt. 5 ounces. Made in Timber, MO.
Price: $8.95
Pistachio Cream
Item #: BKG-112
Rich, organic cream of Sicilian pistachios and cane sugar. Well-suited for pastries, cake fillings, semifreddi, or gelati, this pistachio cream is the true essence of pistachios. Ingredients: organic pistachios, cane sugar. Product of Italy. 8.81 ounces.
Price: $31.95
Shiitake Mushroom Soy Sauce by Ozark Forest Mushrooms
Item #: 11264
A robust, earthy soy sauce. Drizzle over noodles, sushi, or use in a dipping sauce. Ingredients: water, soy beans, wheat, salt, Ozark shiitake mushrooms. 5 fluid ounces Made in Timber, MO.
Price: $8.95
Sugarfire Smoke House Barbecue Rub
Item #: rub
Sugarfire Smoke House is the brain child of Saint Louis' own chef Mike Johnson and Carolyn Downs. From their slow, smoked brisket to Memphis-style ribs and grass-fed burgers, Sugarfire Smoke House has tantalized the taste buds of barbecue aficianodos both near and far. Now you can bring this unique flavor home with Sugarfire Smoke House's expertly crafted barbecue rub. Ingredients: salt, paprika and other spices, sugar, dehydrated garlic and onion, silicon dioxide added to prevent caking. 6 ounces
Price: $4.95