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Bottle Pourer with Flip Lid
Item #: 5515.
Small spout pourer with flip lid is perfect for vinegar. Chrome finish with plastic insert.
Price: $7.95
Jar Vise Opener
Item #: JV-1
Quickly and easily open jars with the jar vise that can be mounted on or under cabinets. Fits screw tops from 1 inch to 4 inches.
Price: $9.95
Auto Ergo Safety Lid Lifter Can Opener - Red
Item #: 2245.
Rounded shape is tailored to fit the hand with stainless steel cutting mechanism. Cuts from the side leaving rim smooth, not sharp of jagged. The lid lifter jaws clamp on to remove lid from can and then releases into trash.
Price: $17.95
Easican Electronic Can Opener
Item #: E930002U
With just one touch to start and one to stop, Zyliss' EasiCan electronic can opener automatically opens your cans in seconds. The small but mighty EasiCan opens any size can's lid whether small, medium or large--and it cuts from sides so it doesn't leave any sharp edges. Requires two AA batteries (not included).
Price: $19.95
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