Kitchen Conservatory offers more than 800 different cooking classes every year. These fun cooking classes are taught by the best chefs from the best restaurants, plus fabulous culinary educators who share their specialties of the kitchen. We offer both fully-participatory classes and demonstration classes that feature a wide variety of menus and themes from beginner to gourmet to ethnic cooking. All cooking classes are held at 8021 Clayton Road.

Interested in hosting your very own party as a custom cooking class?
We have two state-of-the-art kitchens, plus an outdoor grilling area. All of the two hundred chefs who teach at Kitchen Conservatory have one thing in common: a passion for the recipes that they have created and the desire to share their marvelous cooking techniques. The best parties happen in the kitchen!

Come over to the other side of the counter to master cooking in our special participation classes. For those who are interested in learning more about how to cook, A Day in the Kitchen offers an in-depth mastery of specific culinary arts. These classes are limited to eight people.
Conquer the art of baking delicious yeast breads in this hands-on class that will cover all kinds of delicious, home-baked breads, including baguettes, rolls, pizza, rye, whole-grain, and sandwich breads. The class will make natural starters, sponges, crusty breads, and enriched doughs. Plus, learn how to make the amazing no-knead, slow-rise bread.
Anne Cori

Class Type:
Class Dates:
Sun Jul 5,
11 am to 4 pm
Per Person


In celebration of Bastille Day, chef Mickey Kitterman leads this hands-on class creating a revolutionary pique-nique in celebration of Fête Nationale. Learn the art of creating dishes perfect for "en plein air" with chicken breast galantine with pickled plums and cornichons, ratatouille and chèvre tart, haricots verts and champignon vinaigrette, plus vanilla yogurt-poppy seed cake with peaches au Sauternes.
Mickey Kitterman

Class Type:
Class Dates:
Mon Jul 13,
6:30 pm to 9 pm
Per Person


Experience a sensational evening of sushi and sake, as we welcome sushi chef Vu Hoang and Sub Zero's bar manager Dustin Parres. Vu demonstrates the art of cutting, preparing, and rolling sushi-grade fish, as Dustin pairs an exciting sake with each course. Enjoy crab-avocado-cucumber California roll and salmon nigiri paired with sweet, crisp Karen Koi sake, spicy tuna roll with bonita sauce and white tuna nigiri paired with an unfiltered dry and creamy Daku sake, plus white tuna and avocado crazy roll and yellowtail nigiri paired with a well-rounded Gekkeikan sake.
Vu Hoang and Dustin Parres

Sub Zero
Class Type:
Class Dates:
Tue Jul 14,
6 pm to 8:30 pm
Per Person

Pitting Spoon
Learn how to use the pitting spoon in a short Tool Time video from Kitchen Conservatory: Pitting Spoon video. This wonderful fruit tool is designed to pit cling-stone peaches, nectarines, and plums. The extra-sharp edge can also scrape the seeds and strings from winter squash, take the choke out of artichoke, and cut the membrane out of citrus shells for making orange cups. The sharp point of the spoon can pit a peach without cutting in half. Not dishwasher safe. Made in USA.


Add Pitting Spoon to Cart

Add Pitting Spoon to Cart
Mango Splitter
Learn how to use mango splitter in a short Tool Time video from Kitchen Conservatory: Mango Splitter video. One simple press removes the seed and cuts the fruit in half. The Mango Splitter slices cleanly through the fruit and leaves almost nothing behind on the seed. Soft grips cushion while you press and the stainless steel blades are sharp and sturdy. Dishwasher safe.


Add Mango Splitter to Cart

Add Mango Splitter to Cart
Pineapple Slicer, Corer, Cutter - Stainless Steel
Learn how to use the pineapple slicer in a short Tool Time video from Kitchen Conservatory: Pineapple Slicer video. Fresh, juicy and perfect pineapple rings – faster than you can open a can! Made of stainless steel, dishwasher safe. Slice counter on the side, plus includes a 12-segment cutter for perfect pieces of pineapple - also suitable for pears and apples. Made in Germany.


Add Pineapple Slicer, Corer, Cutter - Stainless Steel to Cart

Add Pineapple Slicer, Corer, Cutter - Stainless Steel to Cart
Kitchen Conservatory is the premier kitchen store in St. Louis, Missouri. For 30 years, Kitchen Conservatory has offered the finest tools for the kitchen and delectable cooking classes at our Clayton store. Locally-owned and very independent, we offer all the tools and knowledge for the ultimate kitchen experience. Please browse our fabulous selection of more than 6,000 essential and useful cooking products or shop online. Email Ask the Chef to solve your cooking dilemmas!


Fresh Garlic!

Fresh, Homegrown Garlic
Fresh garlic is almost ready for harvesting! Our homegrown, hard-neck garlic will be available for purchase after June 15. Come in and taste how sweet and juicy garlic can be. Learn all about garlic in “Dracula, Beware” on Thursday, August 13 at 6:30 pm. This demonstration cooking class features a duo of crostini appetizers – […]

Fresh Garlic is Coming Soon!
Come by Kitchen Conservatory and pick up FREE garlic scapes. We clip off the scapes (flower stem) so that the garlic bulb will grow bigger. Cooks like to chop up the scapes to add to stir-fries and pestos for a mild garlic flavor. Scapes are a sign that fresh garlic will soon be ready to […]

Meet New Teachers This Summer!
Our Summer Cooking Class Schedule has just been published and we are so excited to showcase several fabulous culinary instructors who are new to our kitchens: Jesse Gilroy, chef of Cucina Pazzo, will make stuffed pastas on May 27. Nathaniel Reid, an accomplished French pastry chef, will demonstrate jams and jellies on June 16, flaky […]

Upcoming Cooking Classes Not to Miss!
These great cooking classes still have space available: Learn brand-new cooking techniques in “Modernist Cuisine” on Thursday, April 30 with chef Frank McGinty. Watch two creative chefs, Ed Heath of Cleveland-Heath and Cassy Vires of Juniper, cook together in “Culinary Comrades” on Monday, May 4. Indulge in yummy French croissants and pain au chocolat on […]

Harvesting Fresh Herbs
Ready to plant your herb garden? Go to the Missouri Botanical Garden on Thursday, April 23 from 10 am to 11 am for a talk on “Harvesting Herbs for Dinner” by Anne Cori. The free presentation in the Shoenberg Theater will include a question-and-answer session on growing and using culinary herbs. Fresh herb plants will […]

Tips for Good Knife Skills
Practice your knife skills in an upcoming cooking class: “Knife Lessons: Chop, Chop” on April 13 at 6 pm “Prep School” on June 2 at 6 pm St. Louis Magazine interviewed Anne Cori for tips on using kitchen knives: Secure your cutting board. We have gripper mats to put underneath, or you can use a […]

Cookbook Confidential: The Art of Finding a Good Cookbook
So many cookbooks are published each year and how do you find the right cookbook for your style of cooking? Or should you just use the free recipes that you find online? Is a food picture worth a thousand words? Learn the pluses and minuses of cookbooks from Anne Cori. Wednesday, March 25 at 7-8 […]

Welcome Spring with a New Cooking Class
Our Spring Cooking Class Calendar has some exciting, new cooking classes: “Rustic Italian” (quail with roasted garlic-grape sauce on mascarpone-ricotta polenta) on April 1 “The Big Tang Theory” (tagliatelle with lemon-herb sauce) on April 10 “Sweet and Lowe” (sweet crab bisque with corn cream and cheddar croutons) on April 19 “Mediterranean Mystique” (garlic-lemon grilled shrimp […]

Cooking with the Correct Cookware
St. Louis Homes and Lifestyles has an interview with Anne Cori, president of Kitchen Conservatory, in their January issue on which cookware to use on which stove. SLHL: If I am looking for new pots and pans, what are my options? (nonstick, cast iron, copper, etc.) Anne: Since some electric cooktops require certain kinds of […]

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